Visit our new location! 1585 Hollipark Drive in Idaho Falls. See Directions!


Peaches’ Pets has sold pets and the supplies they need to happy customers for over 30 years. In the mid 90s, Peaches’ opened Peaches’ Parlor, a full service grooming facility, located upstairs over the retail store which has recently closed.

Peaches' has relocated it's grooming parlor to 1585 Hollipark Drive that provides a convenient and protected pet drop-off and pick-up area.

Peaches’ Parlor has 3 experienced groomers with 2 professional support staff offering you and your pet the best service available. The modern facility utilizes well maintained equipment including:

  • Cabinet Dryers using cool airflow giving your pet a softer, fluffier finished coat with no burn potential.
  • Special High Speed Blowers designed for livestock that remove dry&dead hair allowing for less shedding and a nice finished coat.
  • Custom Built-in Bathing Area providing our groomers better access to your pet while bathing for easier and more effective shampooing, conditioning and massage.
  • Large Sanitized Holding Kennels offering a clean and comfortable stay for your pet.
  • Outdoor Walking Area allowing your pet to comfortably take care of his ‘duties’.